Thursday, 6 September 2012


These are some images of a chunky swap hosted on atcsforall.   A large size of 5.52 x 5".
I had no printer working at the time so had to use what i had but still wanted to join the swap. A nice shabby chic paper was used as a background,  on top of this was a co=ordination paper was punched and stuck on.  Tim Holtz stamp was embossed onto this.  A ribbon was added with a charm that i filled with mixed UTTE and mica powder.  A card fram was coloured with 2 colurs of inks, and then covered with crackle accents.  A image of a vintage lady was put on the card and the fram added.  finished with some floweres. The centres of these blobbed with some gunmetal glitter glue.

this love

 Below is the second chunky this has a backing paper with overstamping again.  Butterfly images were cut out of paterend paper to match and covered in UTEE using a melt pot.  Then stuck onto the card.   In the close up i have used some small platic frames that used to be magnets and stuck these to the cards using 2 part epoxy resin so they should not come off.. A pic of the eiffel tower was put in
floweres and glitter to finsih.  Two eylet holes were punched ans some small ribbon threaded on.
On the backs of these chunky pages i made small envelopes to put in details of the swap and a message from me in the UK

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