Wednesday, 28 May 2014


This is my very first time of joining and on the birthday as well. I have took a picture and here it is
There is a clock that is waiting to have its numbers put on.  This always stresses me on something round.
The blue box is going to be an earing box for my bedside table. It is not going well.  I painted it gold, didn't like that, covered over with cream acrylic....not keen on that either.  I then covered over that with a cosmic shimmer.......Mmmm what to do next with it?  It may get put to one side, possibly for several years.  I really must empty out that stagnant water pot too.


Sue said...

Happy WOYWW 5th Anniversary.

Love the clock.

Sue 57

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jill, The clock face is gorgeous and with what I can see of the box, the colour looks lovely to me. I've seen quite a few jars of 'stagnant water' on desks so you're not alone :)

You are the next on the links with an asterisk which means I'll be sending you an ATC so please drop me an email with your snail mail address so I can get it off to you asap - thanks :)

Have a good week. Elizabeth x #97

Chrysalis said...

Hi Jill - and welcome to WOYWW! The clock is going to be lovely. It's great that you can try lots of effects and re-do if/when you're not happy, like with the box. Leave it on one side and an idea will suddenly pop into your head - usually works with me (eventually!!) Have a great week, and look forward to seeing you around again. Chris # 15 xx

Angela Radford said...

Hi Jill and welcome, great to have you around.
Love the clock and look forward to seeing it completed.
Hope you are having a great WOYWW anniversary week.
Happy crafting, Angela x 40

BJ said...

Looks like Elizabeth read the list right and I didn't, Oh silly me, having a bit of "brain mush" at the moment. Welcome to WOYWW, what a week to join in LOL. Love the clock and know what you mean about trying lots of things on an item. My latest page with the harp, I coloured 3 times before I was happy! looking forward to my ATC. Thanks BJ#103

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