Thursday, 26 June 2014


Paso Fino Stablemate

This little horse has proved very difficult to take photo's of today.  She is a little stablemate who has been stripped down from her original colour and all her factory seams and her Breyer logo removed.  I have then re-painted her to a sweet dapple gray.  She has a beautufl "soft" detailed eye that shows a little on the pics.  I am very pleased with her.  She is around 3" high and cute.

Just a couple of photos to share of one of my rabbits called Lucas,  he has not bothered with his burrow digging for some weeks now.  Today, he made a comeback
 isn't this how all rabbits should live there life?   The filthy face of a contented bunny, him and his pall Michael (she is a girl)  have a large hutch but the also have half the garden, the lawn bit.  Fenced of just for them. They spend all day when it is dry lounging around and doing Rabbity type things.

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Juliz Design Post said...

Such beautiful painting and I love your rabbit. So cute.
Julie x

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