Wednesday, 16 July 2014


This stands for What Is On Your Workdesk Wednesday
A blog hop that I really look forward to,it happens every Wednesday at the Stamping Ground.  A lady Called Julie Dunnit

Here is my desk today, you know I have the greatest of respect for you cardmakers who do it well, it is not as easy as you might think and in my case involves an awful lot of waste paper.

!!!! I was trying to cover a 6x6 card base with patterened paper, it was 12 x 12 but I still could not aim it straight, so I had to rip it off! I tried to use the same card base and managed to ruin my only tape runner, all the paper bits blocked it. (tight I know)I am trying to come up with something for VINTAGE JOURNEY challenge, and it is funny how you never have the die or stamp that you need to make something.

Very pleased with her and I will be attempting some more.
About 7hrs after the first photo, its coming on, may be finished for next week
Me and my dogs were out at 6 this morning, dodging the sun.
Poor little Bailey the Japanese Chin, being a toy dog, a proper toy dog, even short grass is long for him at this time of year.  Everywhere the big dogs go, Bailey goes to, including suffering the hose pipe for washing when we get home.


Princess Judy Palmer said...

I always cut my pattern paper down to size first and then if I don't quite get it on the card base right I trim the card base (so no one knows.... shhhh!). It is frustrating when it doesn't all go right. My friend calls making it pretty trash but sometimes it isn't pretty, it is just trash. Love the finished painting of the lady. Very well done! Judy #72

RosA said...

Love your "one eyed wonder" painting! The colours are really stunning and they do so appeal to me!
Thanks for dropping by too,
RosA # 1

Julia Dunnit said...

I'm with Judy on the pattern paper trick...and I craft with a friend who cuts it deliberately about a quarter inch too big and then trims it off when stuck down...
I line up from the bottom left corner of the folded card. I bet everyone has a different way! I love the one eyed word, your eye for colour is fab!

Christine said...

Stick with it girl!!! lol Love your drawing - my sort of colours!
Thanks for the visit earlier .... I am at present buying as many brights inkpads
as I can .... I'm coming out of the pastel cupboard!!!

Bishopsmate #51

Sue said...

You might find it easier to stick the card to the paper and then cut round it. If you line up two sides, you'll only have two to cut either with scissors or in a paper trimmer.

Really loving the one eyed card. so many colours. it's beautiful.

Your doggies are lovely. Do you have to have Bailey trimmed?

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

Happy WOYWW Sue 36

Bridget Larsen said...

Love your one eye wonder, so refreshing and full of zest and colour
Bridget #58

April Story said...

Your art work is beautiful as is your card. And your dogs are so pretty. April #63

glitterandglue said...

That one eyed wonder is amazing. Well done. Yes, we all have the mistake days! Sometimes it is as though everything we make goes wrong somehow, and it is a case of trying to rescue somehow.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #13

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