Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Whats on your workdesk 297 is a world wide blog hop and you probably know by now........

This week I have had large swap round, moving my desk from the left side of the room to under the window.  I also decided to get rid of the computer desk and put it on my desks.  It has made a lot more room and the light is a lot better now.   Plug socket is on the wrong place though.  I am going to replace the old curtains with a blind as they are in the way now.

The move has taken up all my spare time.  But these are what I have made since last week

Another half finished page for the DOCUMENTED LIFE PROJECT 2015....again I am stuck, I do find art journaling a challenge, I am good at backgrounds, then well, that's it!
BIRDY tag, I made this super quick before I went to work one day.  The weird birds are drawn.

A bad then exciting thing happened this week.   The clutch went on my daughters old car leaving her stranded on the bypass.  Very expensive, the garage who towed it for us, looked it over for the MOT due this month and it was going to fail that, coupled with the TAX.  £700 - £800 bill was on the horizon.
So she bought this, a brand new i10

From, probably the most handsome man either of us have ever seen!!!
Enjoy your crafting week , may it be rewarding and productive,x,x,x,x,


Jennifer Stahr said...

Love your art journal page! I have a hard time with art journaling because I'm a perfectionist. But I am slowly starting to let that go. Love your little birdies on your tag, too! I'm crazy about birds! TFS!

jan spencer said...

Lovely journal page, something I'm trying to get into, the colours are so vibrant and on the tag too.

Jan S. No 54

Julia Dunnit said...

You're right, you are great at backgrounds! And so what if you don't want to or don't like doing the journaling...its all about making your own art!
Glad your new room arrangement is working for you....moving around takes up heaps of time doesn't it! Love your daughter's new car. And tell her not to fall for every good looking salesman..she'll end up being a hoarder!!

DottyA Cards & Things said...

Your pages are just LOVELY, really!!! and then the tag, Oh My such cute birds... love them too.
I know you will Love all the light now, it will take time to get use to your new digs but it's worth it.
Thanks for stopping by and the kind words!!!

Lindart said...

I love the colors you are using! Nice and bright during this cold winter. Thanks for visiting my blog, and actually, I pretty much did do what you said, pushing everything off my desk,and onto the floor, but in a much more controlled manner! It will show it on Wednesday! Lindart #60

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