Tuesday, 23 June 2009

I'm a Sharpe Cutter in progress

This resin is I'm a Sharp Cutter traditional scale resin horse sculpted by Lisa Sharpe from Canada. He is hid in the shed here because i cant admit i have spent another £100 ++++ on a silly horse! I have another of her resins due over shortly called Xtara. I want to do him black and white overo because i love that mix. but I have been trying not to as he will be for sale and it doesnt seem to be a saleable colour. I was going to stick to the overo pattern but do chestnut/sorrel instead, here is a picture with his white markings started as a guide to the pattern.

Started the Cutter and he is black and white, this is my second effort he has already been in the stripper once. This horse is out of hiding now and is allowed in the house!! To make room for my other secret purchases!!!
Black and white is not easy to do.

Myriad shades of grey are easy to SEE, Black comes in many shades and they are not easy to SEE or reproduce.

Or at least, i cant do it!.

This horse has brown hints that dont show up in any photos and parts that would be highligted i have burnished with graphite. Around 5 coats of white are on the body markings and it is still no where near covered.


Working 40hr weeks takes a long time to finish anything but i really like this horse as an overo

Here his is with saddle and rider alas no bridle but i think he looks brill anyway

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