Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Dapple Grey Sarjeant Resin

Here is Sarjeant now he is finished - he is going to live with Kristi. Also is a close up of his dapples i think they are quite natural looking. IF YOU CLICK ON THE PHOTOS IT WILL TAKE YOU TO A SUPERSIZE IMAGE SO YOU CAN LOOK IN DETAIL AT THE HAIRS ON THE DAPPLES

These are a couple of photos of the heavy horse Sarjeant resin in Dapple Grey.

I started this when i got him in November 08 i did a few hours for 3 days around 6 hours in total. then i put it in this box to keep the dust of and this is the first time it has been out since!!

I can honestly say Dapple Greys are beyond boring to do and if you dont want repetetive strain in your wrist then dont start one.

I quite like him though!

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