Sunday, 6 July 2014


Breyer Andalusian Custom

This is a traditional size horse and he was originally bright pink plastic. Awful
He has had all his seams removed, and the log sanded of.
This is my secret crush Breyer mold, you know the one you are supposed to hate, but secretly love to own!
Now I have never shown model horses so I  have no idea of Live Show Quality.  All I can say is I would love to take this horse myself if I could. He is super smooth in a matt finish, nothing stuck in the finish, he's beautiful,  I adore him
Photos don't always show colour variation or show the eye detail, they don't when I take them anyway so I have tried a video as well as the photos
There are lots of phots to follow, hope you enjoy them and I hope they do the horse justice.
I have taken a lot of his eyes, because his eyes are a triumph, liquid, soft and real looking.


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