Wednesday, 9 July 2014


TAG A LONG WEEKLY  natures glory
The theme this week over at tag a long weekly is natures glory, this just means soft lovely colours to me, and lots of them
had this tag finished on the day the challenge came out but only just got round to photographing it.

This is coloured with the only 3 Paperartsy paints I have,
  • zesty zing
  • south pacific
  • orchid
Mixed, they basically give me all I want.
I have started to make some flat journal tags with "whinges" on, you know the ones no one wants to listen to, I have also put them in a foreign language to so no one can read them and think I am strange!
They are held together with a book ring.
I LOVE TAGS     they are perfect for things like this, easy to store as I am running out of wall space now.


Kay Wallace said...

What a fun tag, Jill! I thought I recognized a bit of Latin, so was able to translate your sentiment with a bit of help! It goes perfectly with your set of winged tags! This is just right for one of "nature's glory" themes at the Tag Along Blog challenge this week!

tocovya said...

You've got it, its Latin. A lovely language they stopped teaching it just the year before I started senior school.

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