Monday, 28 July 2014


Traditional scale stock horse gelding
Bogey is very gorgeous with a very awful name.  he is painted a flaxen liver chestnut with four white socks as you can see
He is done mainly in pastels a mixture of sennelier and unison
He white Is done with acrylic paints
He has been sealed throughout the layers with gloss varnish to protect the finish then he has received a can of Dullcote on top of that
He has realistic hooves and expressive eyes.  Dapples on his barrel also, some photos are taken outside in the bright sun that lights him up.  the others are taken indoors with no flash
Painted sculpted on horseshoes

This pic is taken outside in full sun as you can see
these below are taken inside on my fireplace and these are the true colour in natural daylight he is a beautiful horse


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505whimsygirl said...

Hi Jill,

Wow - Bogey is amazing! I love all the detail you've put into making him, especially his hooves!

Did you have a real model for this?

Thanks for visiting! I was working on my craft desk last night and it looks worse!!!


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