Friday, 18 July 2014

One Eyed Wonder Canvas
 Round two with my one eyed wonder girls
Now, this canvas started out life as this.......

its a Tim Holtz Burlap Panel I made for CC3 Challenge 6......And I hated it.
So I entered it in the challenge then deconstructed it.  Pulled everything off and painted it to this...
Using the paints that are pictured,
These are the only paints I have in the PAPERARTSY range, and they are all I need.  I can mix just about everything I need from the pictured colours + black.  This is good as I have no money.
The first one eye wonder (see her here) I did was painted using just these same colours.
With paints if you want to spend a fortune on every colour you can do....but it isn't necessary and it is this glut of colours that often makes works lack harmony.
The less you use the less chance you have of mis matched colours.
This I now a very rough surface, so sat having a stare at it to decide how I am going to paint the face.
It looks like being ink, India Ink because it will dry waterproof.

The face is added, building up the eye and hair

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